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'Assertiveness Course'

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These days everyone seems to be talking about looking after your emotional wellbeing - coping with stress, developing resilience, finding a work-life balance.  The terms 'mindfulness', ‘emotional intelligence’, ‘assertive communication’ are part of the public discourse.  We hear of the importance of 'working on your relationships’, ‘expressing your needs’ and ‘caring for your mental health’.  But where to start?  The shelves of book stores are groaning under the weight of self development books, a google search for 'coping with stress' delivers 50 million results (no exaggeration) - it can be so overwhelming. 

That’s why I started developing and delivering courses.  I hope to share some of what I have learned of this fascinating but often confusing realm of human behaviour and psychology.  The courses are a blend of information presentation and practical tools to help you get more out of life.  I don't promise that my courses can solve all your problems, or any, but perhaps they will help to realign your compass, set you on a new path or help you live a more vibrant, meaningful life.  

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   "A year from now you may wish you started today" - Karen Lamb 

Assertiveness Course (4 weeks)

Do you have trouble saying "no"?  Or feel like your ideas and opinions are not heard &/or respected? Have you tried asserting yourself only to have others respond negatively?

Then this course may be for you. The course explores:

  • What it means to be assertive and how that differs from being aggressive 

  • What is passive behaviour and why it is not a healthy way to communicate 

  • What are the challenges or concerns people face when being assertive

This course takes a practical approach combining theory with exercises.   You’ll be introduced to tools and skills and encouraged to practice these skills during and between sessions deepening the learning from your own, and other peoples, experiences.  The weekly sessions will provide the opportunity to feedback and fine-tune the skills you are learning.

Practical Psychology: self awareness and insight help make sense of life

Psychology can help us answer questions about human behaviour.   In this course we will explore how childhood experiences influence our current relating (attachment theory) and thinking style (TA).  We will look at how our mind plays tricks and misleads us, and how this restricts our lives (cognitive distortions).  We'll explore some of the BIG emotions - anger, fear, love.  We'll also challenge the widely-held assumption about the power of 'positive thinking' and much, much more.

This is a course for those who are curious about why we do what we do and how we grow and adapt over the course of our lives. No prior knowledge of psychology is required.

8-week Personal Development course 'Live Life NOW'.

Discover more about yourself and your inner resources.


Learn ways to cope with stress, anxiety and negative thoughts. Explore new research from the field of psychology explaining how mindfulness, acceptance, compassion and gratitude can improve our emotional health and happiness.  Learn why relationships can be a source of joy and pain and how to communicate better with others to improve relationships.  Discover how to live a more vibrant, meaningful life now.

Course Testimonials 

"I’m now more assertive and confident and the course gave me the skills to communicate better in all areas of my life"

"The best thing I’ve done for myself all year"

"I gained awareness of the patterns in my life and how I can change them, even just by doing small things"

"The course exceeded my expectations, it really opened my eyes"

"I learned how to say ‘no’ and be OK with it"

"Helped me to deal with everyday stress and situations"

"I’ve learned to listen better and really hear what people are saying"

"Helped me to focus on doing the things that improve my mood"

"Great course for anyone who needs a helping hand 'working it all out'.  I had a lot of light bulb moments"

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